Frequently Asked Questions

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Can Maryland State Authorities Refer Me To A Licensed Medical Cannabis Physician?

Well! No. The state doesn’t itself provide any referrals. My 420 evaluations is a legitimate service provider that offers legal services to patients seeking some online help.

Do People have To Be A Maryland State Resident To Attain A Valid Medical Marijuana License?

Off course! A person must be a Maryland State resident and must show up the residential or Identity proof whenever demanded.

How Much Time Does The Consultation Take?

Well, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes.

What Is The Initial Step Of Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland?

A patient must register as a patient in the MMCC as a new patient to get a valid patient ID.

Is There Any Financial Relief For Patients Who Can’t Afford Medical Cannabis?

Providing any financial relief to a patient unable to fund themselves for buying Cannabis is purely a decision made by individual dispensaries.

What Is A Bonafide Provider-Patient Relationship?

As per Maryland Law, a Bonafide provider-patient relationship is a psychoanalysis association between the certified provider and the patient. A certified provider evaluates the patient’s medical condition and medical records and decides on the certification’s approval and non-approval.

What Is A Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

A Medical recommendation is a prescription obtained from a state-licensed doctor that indicates that the patient requires access to Medical Marijuana for treating a debilitating health condition. Once written by the medical doctor, the patient can hit the dispensaries after getting registered with MMCC and obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland.

Do I Have To Be A Resident Of Maryland To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes. To get approval from MMCC; a patient needs to be a Maryland state resident and show identity proof for the same while registering as a patient.

What Are Acceptable Forms Of Maryland Residency Proof?

While applying for a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card, the legislature asks for some mandatory documents submitted by the patients. One of the essential documents is a residential proof document. The legislature accepts the following forms of residential proof:

  • Utility bill that must be no more than two months old
  • State ID card
  • Driving License
  • Copy of a lease agreement or a house deed
  • Passport

Can I Use My Maryland Marijuana Card Outside The State?

This depends on the state you are visiting. While visiting some states, you need to check on their rules and reciprocity laws to accept the cards from other states. Else it will be counted as illegal possession only.

How Long Does The Consultation Take?

The consultation hardly takes 15-20 minutes, and you need to be honest while sharing the medical need of having access to Medical Marijuana.

I Am A Qualified Patient; How Do I Go About Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland?

To start with the application process for getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland; apply for a medical card with and the team will handle the rest. So, all you need to do is initiate the process with US to get your medical cannabis card at your doorstep.

How To Get Medical Marijuana In Maryland?

A patient needs to obtain a valid Medical Marijuana Card to have access to Medical Marijuana in Maryland. With a valid Medical Marijuana Card, a patient gets the legal rights to purchase Medical Marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries.

Are Minors Able To Qualify For Medical Marijuana?

A minor qualifying patient can access Medical Marijuana with the consent of their parent or local guardian only, provided the patient must have a caregiver all the time.

Can I become A Caregiver In Maryland?

Yes. A person must be at least 21 years to qualify as a Caregiver in Maryland. A caregiver must be registered with MMCC, show valid state identity proof, and can serve five patients at once.

Can A Patient Cultivate Marijuana In Maryland?

No. A patient with a diagnosed debilitating health condition and need to access medical Marijuana cannot grow Marijuana at personal space in Maryland. They can only purchase Medical Marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries.

Is, Maryland, A Medical State?

Yes, Maryland is a Medical state, and the state legislature has legalized Medical Cannabis but not the recreational one.

What Is The Cost Of Obtaining A Valid Medical Marijuana Card?

The cost of having a valid Medical Marijuana Card from my MMJ Doctor is just $199. Along with that, a mandatory registration fee for registering as a patient with MMCC is $25.

Do Criminal Records Affect Access To Medical Marijuana In Maryland?

The individuals charged with the criminal act cannot apply for the positions such as the processor of medical cannabis, growers, or dispensary agents. However, the individuals found guilty of the non-violent offense are shielded from the criminal records and have legal access to Medical Marijuana.

When Does The Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Expire?

According to the Maryland legislature, the Medical Marijuana Cards issued after January 2019 expires three years from the date of issue. The cards issued before January 2019 expires on the date listed on the medical card. The renewals of cards will take another three years of the period into effect.

Can, Maryland Refer Me To A Certified Medical Cannabis Doctor?

No, the State itself doesn’t provide any Medical Cannabis doctor’s referrals. That is why My MMJ Doctor is providing the legal services online and takes the responsibility of connecting you to a licensed Medical Doctor.

Can I Use Medical Marijuana Anywhere In Maryland?

No. The consumption of Medical Marijuana is strictly prohibited in public places. A patient must consume Medical Marijuana in a private space only.

My Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Has Expired. How Do I Get A Renewal?

A patient must annually submit a renewal application. A patient must renew their medical cards before the expiration date mentioned on the medical card. A patient can acquire the card renewal services from us and access all the Maryland legislature’s legal protections.

Where Can I Buy Medical Marijuana In Maryland?

A patient with a diagnosed debilitating condition with a legal recommendation and a valid Medical Marijuana Card can purchase Medical Marijuana from the state-licensed dispensaries.

What Can Cause Me To Lose My Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

The State has passed a few conditions that may cause the patient to lose their medical recommendations. This includes:

  • Providing misleading, false, or incorrect information to the department
  • Obtains a supply of a tremendous amount of medical Marijuana than the authorized one.
  • Violates the requirements.
  • Fails to notify the department of any changes timely.
  • Falsifies or modifies the identification card.
  • Violation of any rules.