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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oxon Hill ?

If you're interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oxon Hill, we are here for you to guide you through the process. Every state has its terms and conditions for the medical use of marijuana, so make sure to follow the specific Maryland guide below.

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule an appointment with a licensed healthcare professional by filling up a simple form on our website. While planning a meeting, select the desired time for which you are available for the consultation.

At The Appointment

At the appointment, one of our doctors will contact you to examine your medical conditions and see your previous medical records. You need to open up about what’s going on inside your head and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment. After consultation, if the doctor finds your need for medical marijuana genuine. The doctor will write you a recommendation which you will receive through email, or you can request a hard copy.

Register with the MMCC

After receiving the recommendation letter, you must register with the Maryland medical cannabis commission (MMCC). Don’t worry about this; our customer service or even the doctors will help you do this. We are there for you until you get your card. After registering, you can immediately print your temporary marijuana card and start purchasing marijuana at state weed dispensaries that same day! Wait for 4-6 weeks to get a physical MMID card.


About Medical Cannabis in Oxon Hill

Medical Cannabis is legal in Oxon Hill but illegal for recreational use. Still, possession of 10 grams or less is decriminalized. If more than the amount is possessed, it is considered a civil offense subject to a fine of $100.
Maryland State has realized the countless health benefits of Medical Marijuana. In 2014, Gov. Martin O’Malley signed Maryland’s HB 881, the Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission legislation. HB 881 created the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). This commission aims to establish regulations for the legal possession, cultivation, distribution, and consumption of cannabis or marijuana products to patients 18 and older.

The MMCC oversees all licensing, registration, inspection, and testing of Maryland’s medical marijuana program. It also runs the registry for patients and caregivers and ensures that medical marijuana is made available to everyone safely and effectively.


Oxon Hill Medical Card Requirements

Any patient that is a Oxon Hill resident over the age of 18, Whose licensed healthcare professional recommends medical marijuana as a treatment for a qualifying medical condition is eligible to register with the state Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC).

Qualifying Medical Conditions

There is some medical qualifying condition for obtaining a medical marijuana card in Oxon Hill. Some of these are:
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic pain
  • Cachexia
  • Glaucoma
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Wasting syndrome

And other chronic medical condition which is severe and for which other treatments have been ineffective. Anyone can petition the MMCC to add medical conditions to the list.

A Non-Resident May Register as a Patient if the Individual

  • Is physically in the state
  • Is admitted to a joint Commission accredited medical facility
  • Will be dispensed medical cannabis at the medical facility during an inpatient stay

In addition, if younger than 18, the individual must have a parent or legal guardian caregiver.

Documentation Required for Registration With the MMCC

  • A valid email account.
  • Valid recommendation letter from the licensed healthcare professional

A digital copy of a valid government-issued photo I.D.

  • Driver’s license
  • State-issued photo Identification card
  • Military ID (both front and back)
  • U.S. Passport
  • A digital copy of a clear, recent photograph.
Proof that the applicant lives in Oxon Hill
The photo must be clear and taken within the last six months to reflect the patient’s current appearance with plain white or off-white background.

What Does a Medical Marijuana Identity Card Permit in Oxon Hill?

After receiving a medical marijuana card in Oxon Hill, patients can leverage its benefits. With a cannabis card, patients can possess the following amounts of marijuana:
  • A patient can possess up to 120 grams of cannabis flower over 30 days. Moreover, a physician may recommend more if necessary.
  • A patient can possess up to 36 grams of THC extract over 30 days. Remember, edibles are not available in Oxon Hill dispensaries.

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Benefits of Having a Medical Cannabis Card

▸ Access for Patients Under 21

As recreational marijuana is illegal in Oxon Hill, without having a medical marijuana card, people can not use cannabis. Patients 21 years of age can use cannabis with a medical marijuana card. If you are a minor, don't worry. You can still use a cannabis card to buy cannabis. MMCC made the rules for minors too. They always believe that cannabis is an organic way to treat medical conditions. So everyone should take the benefits of it.

▸ Avoid being Penalized

You are free from any legal plenty of consuming or possessing marijuana if you have a medical marijuana card. You can possess and cultivate without fear of the police or law authority.

▸ Save on Sales Tax

There are several added taxes that consumers have to cover while purchasing marijuana. Retail taxes can take up to 10%, while excise taxes range up to 15%. However, patients with medical marijuana cards can avoid these taxes as the state allows for tax exemptions for people with medical issues. In a nutshell, purchasing with a card can save you money.

▸ Purchase any Products

The patient can access any strain or even exotic strains. They can also take the service of higher-concentration edibles that aren’t available easily to anyone. And if they want more, they can get it by showing a recommendation letter in the dispensary. The recommendation letter must state that patients need more cannabis to reduce their symptoms.

▸ Visit more Dispensaries

With a medical marijuana card, you can visit any Oxon Hill cannabis dispensary to full fill your medical cannabis needs. Remember, many dispensaries do not allow medical cannabis for recreational use.

Caregivers in Oxon Hill

Caregivers can apply online to assist and provide cannabis to their designated patients in Oxon Hill.
All caregivers must be Oxon Hill residents and at least 21 years of age. They can register with MMCC (the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission) for a $50 fee by providing their valid driver's license or state identification card for their proof of residence.
Once a caregiver has their Caregiver ID Card, they can purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries in Oxon Hill on behalf of their designated patient and transport it to their assigned patient. Caregivers can not consume cannabis that they buy on behalf of their patients.
According to the MMCC, Oxon Hill caregivers can only serve up to five patients at once. In comparison, patients may have a maximum of two caregivers at once. However, minor patients must have at least one caregiver at all times. Parents or legal guardians can serve as their caregivers. Remember, caregivers must register with the MMCC first, then the minor patient can be registered.

How Does a Caregiver Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oxon Hill?

Some patients may have qualifying medical conditions but can’t get their cannabis card because of age issues. So their parent or any legal guardian can help them by registering themselves as caregivers for them.

Here is how you can register yourself for the caregivers in Oxon Hill:

  1. Complete and Submit an online Application
    Submit an online caregiver application​ through the OneStop account. Wait to receive your approval email. It contains your Username, which you will need to log in to the Caregiver Registry, and your MMCC Caregiver ID.
  2. Designate a Registered Patient
    Once a caregiver receives their license number, the patient who wants you to be your caregiver must log into their OneStop account and designate you as a caregiver in the Patient Registry. After the patient selects you, it is your turn to accept their invitation by login into your OneStop account.
  3. Purchase an I.D. Card
    I.D. cards are required to purchase medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary. Login to your account and buy your caregiver id card for $50.

Who Can Apply for a Oxon Hill MMJ Card?

Patients must be 18 years of age to get a Oxon Hill medical marijuana card for themselves. The minor patient can also apply, but they must register their parent or legal guardian first as the caregivers. Caregivers need to be 21 or over.
Out-of-state patients may apply to obtain medical cannabis cards in Oxon Hill if they are in the state to get treatment for their medical conditions. But You will need proof that you are here for medical treatment. ​Veterans can also obtain medical cannabis in the same way as other patients. But it's good for them to confirm through the Veterans Affairs Agency to avoid any consequences to their professional career.

Oxon Hill Medical Marijuana Laws

Cannabis possession of up to 10 g for personal use is a Civil Offense and can bring a fine of $100. Possession between 10 g and less than 50 pounds is a felony and can bring up to 1 year in prison with a $1,000 fine.

Selling cannabis may bring you a $500 fine. Subsequent violations could lead to 2 years in prison and a $2,000 fine. ​Oxon Hill law does not prevent an employer from testing for the use of cannabis or taking action against an employee who tests positive for the use of cannabis.​

Frequently Asked Question

How do I become a legal medical marijuana patient in Oxon Hill?

The individual in Oxon Hill who is experiencing chronic conditions that could benefit from medical marijuana will most likely qualify. Patients need to be at least 21 years of age. First, obtain a recommendation letter from the licensed healthcare professional and then register with the MMCC. Still have any doubt, you can contact us. We would love to help you.

Can any doctor in Oxon Hill certify me for a medical cannabis card?

No. Doctors must have a valid license to practice medicine in the state and register with the MMCC to certify patients for a medical cannabis card. All our doctors are registered with the state and expertise to give you the purest quality of care.

Can veterans become legal medical marijuana patients in Oxon Hill?

Yes. Veterans can obtain medical marijuana in the same way as any other patient. We are proud to help our veterans treat their medical conditions with medical marijuana.

How long does it take to get registered with the state?

On average, you will complete your registration process in 15 minutes. Once approved, you can print your temporary I.D. card and start purchasing marijuana from the state weed dispensaries. Within 30-45 days, you will receive your physical medical marijuana card.

Where can I get medical marijuana after registering with Oxon Hill?

The government of Oxon Hill opened licensed weed dispensaries throughout the state. Registered Patients can buy their marijuana from these dispensaries quickly and hassle-free.

Can a person still get a Oxon Hill cannabis card If he is on probation or parole?

The state does not have any restrictions regarding patients on parole or probation. However, you must get permission from your parole or probation officer before applying for a medical cannabis card.

Can I use my Oxon Hill medical marijuana card in another state?

Yes, a few states accept Maryland medical cannabis cards, including Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. Remember, the laws for using other state medical cards vary from state to state, so it’s good to consult your doctor before taking marijuana in another state.

What is the renewal process of medical cannabis card in Oxon Hill?

Doctor certification is valid for one year. You need to consult with your doctor every year. State registration is valid for three years. So, you will also need to re-apply with the state every three years to remain registered as a patient.

Can I renew with another doctor if I was seen by a different doctor last year?

Absolutely Yes! It’s not compulsory to be seen by the same doctor each year. You can switch whenever you want.

My primary care physician is not registered with the MMCC. Can I still get a recommendation letter from them?

No, you cannot. Only those licensed or registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission have the authority to write your recommendation later.

What marijuana forms can I buy at weed dispensaries in Oxon Hill?

Patients can access a wide variety of products in Oxon Hill weed dispensaries. Once registered with the state for the medical marijuana card, you can purchase dry flowers, tinctures, oils, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and vapes.

How much medical cannabis can I purchase during my dispensary visits in Oxon Hill?

Patients or their caregivers may purchase up to a 30-day supply of medical marijuana. However, if you want more supply or amount, you need to first consult with your doctor. Once they approve your requirement, you can buy it.

I'm a medical cannabis patient. Can I grow my cannabis?

​No. The federal government did not allow the patient to grow their cannabis. There are marijuana dispensaries throughout the state for them to full fill their medical need for marijuana.

Can I Use Medical Marijuana Anywhere In Oxon Hill?

No. The consumption of any form of medical marijuana is strictly prohibited in public places. You can consume or take your dosage only behind closed doors. The best place is your home to consume medical marijuana.

What to do if I lost my patient's I.D. card or if it was stolen?

First, log in to your MMCC account and report it. The MMCC will issue you a new card as a replacement card so you can continue your medical treatment, but you have to pay the fee of $100 for that.

Where can I legally travel with medical cannabis card in Oxon Hill?

A registered patient may travel to any place in the state of Maryland. Patients must be alert and educated before taking cannabis across state lines because it may be a federal offense. Maryland cannabis laws do not authorize you to travel to other states with this medicine in your possession.